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About The Organisation

The Treherne Care Group is located within the Snowdonia National Park and enjoys the benefits of the natural outstanding beauty of the area


Treherne Care Group (TCG) was established by Moya Treherne in 1999 as the culmination of a career in care spanning many years. She worked within both the public and private sector and had vast experience with people exhibiting enduring mental health problems, learning disabilities, offending behaviours and other associated disorders.

Moya identified a shortfall in provision of care for people who did not fit into, or qualify for ‘care in the community’, due to the nature of their presenting behaviours.

Treherne Care Group was set up to offer services for that group. The majority of service users placed with TCG have a forensic history or the potential to offend and that limits the options available to them in the community.

The range of services offered by TCG provide pragmatic solutions to the problem of finding appropriate placements for this group of people.