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Learning Disability

Person centred approaches

Embracing the Active Support and Positive Behaviour Approaches throughout the organisation through effective training, monitoring support by our Clinical Co-ordinator who works with the teams to ensure focus and progress. See information below.

  • Working in partnership with service users, their significant others (family, friends, and advocates) and members of the Multi-disciplinary team to ensure opportunities are explored from all avenues
  • Working with local colleges, employment schemes and the local community to enable individuals to participate and be active citizens in the locality
  • Enabling individuals to take ownership of their service delivery plans, opportunities for learning new skills through a variety of mediums.
  • Regular review of progress is essential and this is achieved through
    • MDT meetings
    • Service user’s keeping their own records of success/achievement through means of their choice (photographs for example)
    • Internal review meetings
    • Active support meetings with the staff
    • Regular updated skill assessment (e.g. ABAS)
    • Daily, weekly and quarterly reports
  • Regular supervision and staff development/training is essential to ensure success.