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Miss A

150 150 Treherne Care Group


Miss  had been admitted to a psychiatric hospital prior to moving to Treherne. She was
diagnosed as having Hebefrenic Schizophrenia further to this she was described as
having a pre-morbid personality, being solitary, obsessional, having poor peer
relationships, communication difficulties and having cyclical psychosis.

She exhibited many challenging behaviours; towards herself (slapping herself, pulling her
hair, coprophagia), those supporting her (she could be verbally and physically aggressive)
and her living environment (she is reported to have destroyed 20 mattresses over a 6 month

Miss A has now resided with Treherne Care for 10 years, during this time she
has not been re-admitted to hospital and the frequency and intensity of the behaviours
she exhibited have significantly decreased.

Factors which have enabled Miss A to reside successfully in supported living include:
her living environment being adapted to meet her needs (complete with specialist furniture),
being supported by a consistent team of staff who deliver Positive Behavioural Support
within a Low Arousal environment, being enabled to participate in a variety of activities
both within her home and in the community in a way which is safe for both her and others.