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Miss H

150 150 Treherne Care Group

Miss H has a long history of police involvement, including crimes of theft, possession of
controlled drugs, and assault. She was diagnosed with a Schizophrenic illness and had a
history of social disorganisation. Miss H had been married and had three children.
Following time spent in prison, hospitals and other supported living organisations.

Miss H moved to Treherne Care in 2010. Initially, she was supported 1:1, 24 hours a day. Since
her arrival Miss H has been able to increase her independence in a way which allows for
mistakes to be made (on her part) but continues to keep her and others safe.

Miss H has continued to rebuild family relationships and stays with family members overnight
(out of the immediate area), at home she is responsible for her own shopping (she accesses
town independently using public transport) and completion of household chores, she
organises twice yearly holidays for herself and is working with her support team to
budget wisely.