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Psychological well-being from a healthy lifestyle perspective

An abundance of research over the past few decades have identified the relationship between psychological and physical health.


Research studies have found that an individuals psychological well-being, particularly negative affect – ‘a general tendency to report ‘distress, discomfort, dissatisfaction, and feelings of hopelessness’- predicts the onset of heart disease and recovery from infarcts as well as increasing an individuals risk for developing several other physiological health related illnesses such as strokes, cancer, musculoskeletal problems, psychosomatic problems, Alzheimer’s and dementia, mortality rates and several other illnesses independently of other risk factors.

Physical Health Problems

Similarly individuals with physical health problems, especially chronic diseases are at increased risk of poor mental health, particularly depression and anxiety in addition to exacerbating any current symptoms of a pre-existing mental health conditions.

Care Individually Tailored

The TCG care practitioners and clinical team deliver care and support programmes that are individually tailored to each clients psychological and physical health well-being needs. Through a healthy lifestyle perspective inclusive of tailored dietary and exercise needs and capabilities TCG works alongside clients in order to help achieve optimal physical health and mutually psychological well-being.

Reduce Symptoms

Furthermore any clients pre-existing health conditions -‘diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and dementia, parkinson’s and more’- are benefited through a healthy lifestyle perspective by helping to reduce symptoms or further complications, impede progression of said condition and aid the utilisation and efficacy of any medications